A microwave is an essential part of your kitchen but have you ever wondered, “How does it actually work?” It helps you in completing all your kitchen tasks with ease and that is what is important. However, if you plan to get a new microwave or have an existing one fixed through your preferred service for appliance repair orlando florida, understanding how this household appliance works will help you buy the right appliance for your needs.

The technology used to manufacture microwaves was used during World War II to make the radar system. The radars used electromagnetic waves to locate enemy objects such as airplanes, tanks, and ships. Since microwaves use shorter wavelength, they are named “micro” waves.

At the time, most of the microwave parts were made by Raytheon Company. When the company was perfecting its microwave technology, it stumbled upon this amazing new use. Actually, someone was having a chocolate very close to the area where microwave tests were conducted. Due to the waves the chocolate bar melted. Dr. Percy Spencer, who was leading the microwave testing, wondered if microwaves could melt chocolate, what else these waves can do.

Apart from traveling through air, bouncing off objects, and delivering the location of the object, they also excite molecules to produce heat in food. This method of heating food is faster than the traditional method of cooking. These waves are electro-magnetic energy that travels through food, while doing this; they excite the molecules inside the food. Like any other object, food is also made of molecules that get excited by microwaves and start to vibrate.

Just as our body overheats when we exercise, the molecules also generate heat when they vibrate. This heat helps in cooking food, as long as the appliance repair service you use keeps it well maintained and in good working condition. Since the molecules in the food produce heat to cook food, most people say that microwaves cook the food from outside in, which is not technically correct.

The waves inside the microwave are produced by a device known as magnetron. The waves are generated through an interface between the magnetic field and electron. Wattage or the power of the microwave is determined by the level of currents generated and the size of the magnetron. This wattage will help in determining how fast the food inside the microwave is cooked. If you have a microwave that has higher wattage, your food will cook faster.

The speed at which the microwave cooks your food and the overall size of the residential appliance are the two important factors you must consider when buying a microwave. Apart from these factors, you could also look at other features such as inverter technology, automatic cooking menus, and automatic cooking.

Understanding how the house appliance works is the first step towards getting the most from your microwave. This will also help you understand how to repair and service the machine. Using this knowledge, you can attempt microwave repair at home, without getting help from a professional. If you have a microwave that is not working and you are unable to identify the problem in the machine, in such situations, it is best to get help from a professional like. There are many companies that specialize in oven repair, washing machine repair, dishwasher repair, refrigerator repair, stove repair, and of course, microwave repair. For instance, if your fridge or washer is not working, they will send a fridge repairman or a washer technician to troubleshoot the problem. Make sure to visit the orlando appliance repair website where you can use the services of an appliance service company to troubleshoot the problem with your machine.

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